How to use Snap4share

Snap4share enables event organizers & guests to share photos & videos in the cloud. It’s the simplest social image sharing app for any event. Snap4share allows guests to contribute photos and videos to an online album for them to sort and share and view after the event. Share memories with friends and families overseas and those who couldn’t attend the event. Let them see an event unfold through the eyes of every guest as live images from multiple viewpoints are uploaded to Snap4share.

Setup your account

Send out your invites to friends & family

Guests use app and website to send pics to the album

Arrange, download, share & save photos

Our Features

Take a look at our awesome features that will maximize the visibility of your next event.

Import contacts to send invitation

Make it easy to send invites to your guest by importing contacts from webmail providers.

Photos Editor

Use a wide variety of editing tools to incorporate beautiful special effects.

Share Photos

Anywhere, anytime, you can access your favourite and precious memories and share them with friends and family.

Do-ItYourself Photo Booth

With our high quality software, you are able to keep a hard copy that is downloadable and printable.

Locate local vendors

Access local vendors to help make your event a success.

Albums Slideshow

Manage and create slideshows in your app or in your browsers.

Spam Flag Indicator

Control spam at your fingertip, dictate who can participate in your event.

Photos Privacy

ake control of your privacy and security.

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